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Our cycling analysis

Whether you want more comfort in your cycling shoe or a broader view of your cycling injury, Profysic has the right cycling analysis for you!

With our comfort, plus and advanced cycling analyzes there is always one that suits you best. So only the analyzes that are needed for you are done, effective, specific and prevents unnecessary costs. So tailor-made!

In case you have no injuries or (foot)ailments and you like to have more comfort in your cycling shoe witth a custom-made insole? Then the Cycling analysis comfort suits you best. Do you have an injury or foot problem? Then the Cycling Analysis plus might be a solution. Do you want a broad look at your injuries to get insight in the possible cause of your injury? And what you can do best, e.g. manual therapy, bike fitting, cycling soles or a combination? In that case we recommend the cycling analysis advanced! In addition to a biomechanical analysis, a quick scan is performed on the bicycle

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