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Prophysic Innovation

Because every sport and every shoe is different, we believe that any sole should be adjusted accordingly. Not the injury, but you and your sport (shoe) should be the basis of the shape of a sole. For example, several sport-specific studies and soles have been developed. After all, in a narrow, cupped football shoe a different material should be used for the sole than in a spacious, cushioning running shoe. In terms of research, other studies/tests will also be done, so a running analysis for a cyclist is of little use. Our sports podiatric cycling research and carbon soles is one of the examples that is now being applied by many colleagues and taught in the Sportpodotherapy training at Fontys Hogescholen by one of our therapists.

Think tank Voxelcare

Voxelcare is a soft and hardware engineering company with over 18 years of experience in developing industrial applications ranging from specialty CAD/CAM systems, contact and non-contact 3D scanning equipment, 2D scanning equipment, industrial vision and CNC systems for different types of machines. Because Voxelcare is continuously working on the latest techniques and functionalities, but also attaches great importance to the wishes of the user, Profysic has been part of the professional think tank since the start of Voxelcare. For example, we are working hard on optimal, environmentally friendly production method for soles. You can think of different 3d printing techniques.

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