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Sports podiatry

A sports podiatrist is a podiatrist with a specialization in the field of sports. They treat sports injuries of the foot and ankle or those that are caused by their 'poor functioning', such as knee, hip and lower back pain. Knowledge of the biomechanics during sports, footwear, requirements of the sports association, etc. are the basis. Your Profysic sports podiatrist is specialized for this, (s)he knows "the sport" and tailors the guidance to your situation. In addition to the recovery of injuries, our sports podiatrists are also happy to support you to prevent injuries and to perform better.


Bring to the appointment 

  • Cycling shoes

  • Cycling socks

  • Short (sports) pants

When this analysis?

  • You have already had your biked fit by bike fitter

  • You want more comfort during cycling

  • You have no injuries

  • Preventing foot pain

  • You want to have custom made cycling insoles



  • Analysis comfort

  • Analysis plus

  • Analysis advanced

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