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Complaints procedure Sports podiatry

You are not satisfied with your podiatrist

Your (sports) podiatrist will do everything in his power to treat your health problems as well as possible. This is done in consultation with you and only with your permission. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied and have a complaint about the treatment itself or about the way in which the (sports) podiatrist treats you. If you are not satisfied with your (sports) podiatrist, it is important that you make this known. In the first instance for yourself, but also in the interest of other patients and to guarantee the quality of (sports) podiatry. What can you do?

Submit your complaint to our complaints officer

Do you have a complaint about your podiatrist (a complaint about the care provided or treatment)? Then you can submit a complaint to our  complaints officer. For this you can use the complaint form  use and email or send it to our practice. There are no costs associated with handling this complaint for you, as a customer of Profysic.  

Discuss your complaint with the podiatrist

We advise you to first discuss your complaint with your podiatrist. If you find that difficult, you can ask someone close to you to come with you. Do you find it difficult to approach someone directly? In that case, you can contact Zorgbelang Nederland or by telephone on 030 299 1970. Regional Healthcare Interest Organizations are active in the Netherlands. They represent the interests of care recipients in the region and are committed to the quality of care. They are connected to each other and to the national patient organizations through Zorgbelang Nederland. The Zorgbelang employees can help you, among other things, with preparing a meeting with your podiatrist.

What happens if you submit a complaint to the Complaints Officer

  1. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the complaints officer by email. The complaints officer will check whether your complaint can be handled. You will be informed about the current situation by the complaints officer within approximately two weeks of receiving your message.

  2. If your complaint cannot be dealt with by the complaints officer, you will be informed as well as possible about other options available.

  3. If your complaint is handled by the complaints officer, the complaints officer will contact you by telephone. You will receive information about the procedure and you can explain your complaint where necessary. It is also discussed whether the podiatrist is aware of the complaint and/or whether you give permission to inform the podiatrist about the complaint. You will be asked to confirm this in writing, you will receive a form to sign for this. With this you give permission to submit the complaint to the (sports) podiatrist. The complaints officer will then contact the (sports) podiatrist. The (sports) podiatrist will also receive a copy of your complaint. The (sports) podiatrist has two weeks to respond to your complaint in writing. The complaints officer will mediate between you and the (sports) podiatrist in order to find a suitable solution.  

  4. The (sports) podiatrist will make a decision no later than 6 weeks after registration of the complaint about which measures will be taken in response to the complaint. These measures will be communicated to you and the complaints officer. Possibly  the six-week period may be extended by four weeks if due care so requires.

  5. The healthcare provider must state, stating reasons, within six weeks at the latest - possibly to be extended by four weeks if due care so requires - after submission of the complaint:
    - the conclusion to which the investigation of the complaint has led, 
    - which decisions the healthcare provider has made about and in response to the complaint,
    - within what period of time the measures decided upon will be implemented.

  6. If mediation by the complaints officer has not led to a solution, you can consider submitting your dispute to the independent disputes committee that is housed at the Quality Register Paramedics. The Disputes Committee meets as often as necessary, depending on the number of complaints. For the procedure of the Disputes Committee, we refer you to the website  from the  Complaints desk paramedics . ​

The initiated complaint handling procedure is terminated when

  • you withdraw your complaint in writing before the above procedure has actually been initiated

  • if, after mediation or consultation, it appears that you agree with the handling of the complaint by the podiatrist

  • you have indicated that you do not agree with the outcome of the complaint handling process by the complaints officer. You can then decide whether you want to submit your dispute with the (sports) podiatrist to the disputes committee.


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