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(Podo) manual therapy

In addition to sports podiatrists, our therapists are also (podo) manual therapists. Thanks to this unique combination, they can not only identify but also treat malfunctions. Because whether you're playing basketball, walking or running, your foot never moves alone! For example, with a painful shoulder you will run differently and you can develop an Achilles tendon problem. The solution is not in changing your gait, but in treating your shoulder. In other words: in the case of an injury with a 'deviant' movement pattern of the foot and/or leg, the question is always 'is this the cause or the result of what we see'?


Injuries and movement coupling foot-leg

Many (unilateral) injuries of the foot, knee or lower back are caused by the malfunctioning of the movement links in your foot and knee. Just look at this basketball player. You can imagine that if his foot and/or his knee do not (can) make the correct movements, the body will have a 'different'  way' will seek, compensate. These compensations can lead to injuries. We often see  problems arise when you suddenly start doing another sport that requires different movements. For example, that sprained ankle from football 10 years ago can suddenly be the cause of  unilateral running complaints.

Will only my foot be treated?

Our sports podiatrists have completed the full training as a manual therapist at  the school for manual therapy Utrecht (SMTU) , they treat the entire body if necessary. If there is a limitation of a movement somewhere, the rest of the body will adapt to this. To prevent these adaptations, after treatment, in turn leading to recurrence, they will also have to be treated. Due to the combination with sports podiatry, they are pre-eminently specialized in (sports) biomechanics and the treatment and optimization of movement links of the foot, knee and hip.



Within the practice, manual and orthomanual techniques are used. Sometimes it is sufficient to mobilize the foot, but if there are bones 'crooked' it may be desirable to put them 'straight' again to prevent them from getting stuck again. Such misalignments can arise after trauma such as falls and sprains of the ankle. It is therefore possible that your sports podo / manual therapist literally takes the hammer and punch to optimize the functioning of your foot again.

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