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sports soles

Just like you do not run in your dress shoes, it is also not wise to exercise on your soles in front of your daily shoe. Certainly in sports involving running and/or jumping, the impact on the feet is considerably greater, more cushioning may be desirable. The movement during exercise is also different from 'normal' walking, so more lateral stability may be needed to stabilize your ankle. Prophysic adjusts your sole to your sport and the conditions under which you play sports, in terms of shape and material.


EVA soles

(Sports) soles made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) are cushioning soles that are ideally suited for sports where a lot of cushioning is desired, such as running and walking. We use different hardnesses and combinations of these, so that we can choose the best cushioning and firmness for your desired activity. The soles are durable and can be easily cleaned, making them ideal for outdoor sports from trail running to hockey. All our insoles are made of sustainable materials, so that your insoles last longer. We have a choice of different top layers for the cover.

Check out how the soles are milled on the VCM110 below:


Fiber / Carbon

These soles with a fiber / carbon core provide an ultra-thin, and very light, sole with good support and are very torsionally stiff. The sole is molded to a custom last of your foot. For this, a 3D scan of your feet is made and the desired correction is made using CAD software. Ideal for cycling, rollerblading and ski soles. The fiber material is designed in Germany and consists of carbon and glass fiber materials.

Carbon / fibe

Combi (hybrid)

Modern technology that combines two worlds with new materials and design concepts. A fiber core combined with a custom machined EVA layer.


This gives you the unique (torsional) stiffness of the fiber material and the comfort of the EVA! An ideal sole for sports such as cycling and skiing. The fiber material is designed in Germany and consists of carbon and glass fiber materials. It provides 70% less milling waste compared to traditional milled EVA soles.


Design and production

The sports soles are developed using the Voxelcare Online CAD CAM system by the own Profysic therapist. The sports soles are designed based on, among other things, the 3D/2D data, pressure data, a scan of your insole and of course the findings from our analysis.


At Profysic we produce the soles ourselves. In this way we ensure a fast delivery and we can monitor the quality from start to finish!


The Medical Devices Regulation, called “MDR”, was introduced to increase patient safety while ensuring that innovative medical devices remain available to patients in a controlled manner. Our soles are registered in order to guarantee quality. This registration number can be found on the sports soles. You will also receive a declaration of conformity and information about how to use and maintain sports soles.

MDR label.jpeg
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