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Cyclinganalysis advanced

Cycling injuries can be persistent and the cause is not always easy to determine, due to the many factors that play a role in a bicycle injury. E.g. your cycling position, your flexibility, pelvic torsion, foot position, fit of the cycling shoes, acleat position and so on. In the Profysic Cyclinganalysis Advanced, we map out as many of these factors as possible by means of an extensiveexamination with a dynamic bicycle analysis. Click here for more information about the research components.  

At the end of the Profysic Cyclinganalysis Advanced, we will discuss our findings with you and our advice for treatment. We can do some things ourselves, such as adjusting the foot plates and making your custom cycling soles, and for other things we will refer you to another practitioner / expert. We work closely with, among others, musculoskeletal physician, sports physician, sports physiotherapists, bike fitters, etc.  

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Bring to the appointment 

  • Cycling shoes

  • Cycling socks

  • Short (sports) pants

  • Cycling bibs/ shorts

  • Current insoles ( if you're using insoles)

  • your roadbike or MTB

Why this analysis?

  • You have already had your biked fit by bike fitter

  • You want more comfort during cycling

  • You have no injuries

  • Preventing foot pain

  • You want to have custom made cycling insoles


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