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Cyclinganalysis Comfort

​Your feet have to endure a lot while cycling. Especially if you make longer bike rides, foot ailments can arise. Due to the continuous pressure on the forefoot, nerves and blood vessels can easily be pinched. The result is burning feet, tingling/numbness of the toes.

A correct, well-fitting, cycling shoe forms the base in preventing these complaints, supplementedt with a custom-made cycling insole. In this case the Profysic Cycllinganalysis Comfort offers a solution! Following this analyse custom-made comfort insoles will be designed based on the 3D scan of your feet. Resulting in not only very comfortable insoles, they also increase the support area of the foot and reduce pressure points. This way you're ready for a season of painfree cycling!



Bring to your appointment 

  • Cycling shoes

  • Cycling socks

Why this analysis?

  • You already have your biked fit by bike fitter

  • You want more comfort during cycling

  • You have no injuries

  • Preventing foot pain

  • You want to have custom made cycling insoles


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