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Cycling injuries


To prevent that you are only fighting symptoms and the problem remains, it is important to find out the cause. 


Many cyclists experience blue toenails or toenails that "fall off", an annoying and often painful thing.


Burning feet is a well-known phenomenon among cyclists and mountain bikers, especially at higher temperatures.


With a 'lump'  For example, it is difficult to find a good cycling shoe for your big toe joint or claw toes. Painful pressure spots will soon develop on these 'lumps'.


Knee complaints are the most common (overuse) injuries in cycling. Pain complaints around and/or behind the kneecap are most commonly seen. 


Many cyclists are 'plagued' by painful corns on the feet. A corn (or corn) is an often painful, inward-growing callus (thickening of the skin)


The tendon plate under the foot ensures that the arch of the foot is supported. While cycling, that tendon plate becomes  stretched which can lead to tension.


Two pea-shaped bones, called the sesamoid bones, lie under the ball of the big toe. Even though they are very small, they play an important role in walking. If the sesamoid bones become damaged/irritated, they can cause a lot of pain and discomfort


The combination of the cold, sweat and reduced blood circulation can easily lead to cold feet while cycling. Here are a few simple tips to reduce the discomfort.


Here are five tips that you can pay attention to when choosing a cycling shoe, the right type of shoe and of course the fit.

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