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Dynamische analyse

This is where you get to work yourself. On your own bike, in your own shoes, you cycle in front of our cameras. 

We make images of the front and the side, which we then process with analysis software. We measure the different angles of your body and map out where (potential) problems lie.

In addition to collecting the necessary information, we perform a bicycle position quick scan.  

Quick scan

Your cycling position is included in the Profysic Cycling Survey. 

This is not a complete measurement and/or adjustment of your bicycle, but a quick scan. This quick scan is based on a dynamic measurement. By paying attention to a few critical points, we can quickly and reliably determine whether your cycling position contributes to (the development of) your injury and a cycling position measurement is desirable to recover or prevent your injury. Your Profysic therapist will therefore advise a bicycle position measurement if she believes this offers added value for you.

Combination of Profysic sports research with a bike fit

Would you like to combine your sports research, for the measurement of cycling soles, with a bike fit? That is possible! At our locations in Eindhoven, Drunen and Roosendaal we have the opportunity to plan this together with Pro4mance. By combining it, everything can be coordinated without doing things twice, a Profysic sports study will suffice.​

Interested? Mail us for more information and/or the appointment options.

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