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Burning front feet

Burning feet is a well-known phenomenon among cyclists and mountain bikers, especially at higher temperatures. The asphalt that radiates heat upwards, the high temperatures and the carbon sole of your cycling shoe quickly turn your shoe into an 'oven'. The power transmission during cycling takes place at your forefoot on the pedal. The connection between shoe and pedal is very stiff to make the power transfer so efficient. The pressure distribution under the foot is not evenly distributed. The surface of the foot plates partly determines the pressure distribution under the ball of the foot. A 'smaller surface' leads to problems faster  because the pressure is distributed over a small area. The position of your images is very important here. If these are 'wrong', this can easily lead to friction/overpressure. In addition, the connection of the stiff shoe sole and the foot is often not complete.


To distribute the pressure in the shoe over as large a surface as possible, you can replace the insole with a custom sole. This special cycling sole is shaped to the sole of the foot. As a result, there is a large support surface in the shoe and the pressure is better distributed. If necessary, corrections can be made to relieve the strain on the forefoot or to 'steer' the foot. Think, for example, of moving the force at the take-off more to the inside/outside of the forefoot.

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