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Cycling in the cold

If the mercury drops to about 5 degrees Celsius, the perceived temperature at a speed of 25 km/h will quickly be around freezing. The combination of the cold, sweat and reduced blood circulation can easily lead to cold feet while cycling. Here are a few simple ones  tips to reduce the discomfort.


winter shoes​

Both for the mountain bike and the racing bike  are special cycling shoes for the winter. These shoes have been specially developed to offer protection against cold and rain.  


You can use a shoe cover to protect your feet from the wind and rain.  Overshoes are available against the rain, but also thermal ones against the cold. You wear this overshoe over your regular cycling shoe.

Close the holes in your shoe

The air holes in your shoes are nice in warm conditions. However, they are less pleasant in cold and wind. If you prefer not to buy winter or overshoes immediately, taping these 'air holes' in your shoes can offer a solution.

good socks

For the winter there are special socks that keep your feet warm. The thicker, warmer socks ensure that the moisture is removed from your feet so that there are no clammy cold feet. in addition  they provide extra cushioning and comfort. You can also wear two pairs of thin insulating socks. An insulating layer is then formed between them.

Avoid shoes that are too tight

If a shoe is too tight, eg this can be caused by the use of thicker socks, this reduces the blood circulation. So make sure your shoes don't pinch!

Make an insulating sole

Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half a few times. Cut this in the shape of your insole and place it under the sole in your shoe for good insulation. You can supplement this with a few layers of newspaper. Make sure you don't get too tight in your shoe!

hold back wind

Make a cover with aluminum foil. This stops the wind and has an insulating effect. This can be done in the shoe, but also between the shoe and the overshoe.  

Lubricate your feet with udder ointment or Vaseline

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